Thursday, February 02, 2012

Moving to the Sounds of Spirit - Knowing When Spirit Speaks

How do we know when we are truly moving to the sound of Spirit? How do you know the difference between your own thoughts and feelings and the messages sent by Spirit? Where does your Intuition reside?

The Voice of Spirit is persistent and firm. It is loving and compassionate. When trying to discern between Spirit and Self one must learn to be aware of their physical body. I find that Spirit's voice is usually distinct, but then again, that's what I do for a living.

When my students and clients ask about this clarity and how I can tell it is Spirit speaking vs my own thoughts, I give them some simple guidelines to listening to Spirit. The easiest way to tell is by paying attention to your physical reaction.

Think of your question. For example: Should I take the job offer? Take a couple deep breaths. Then imagine yourself in that position, in the office, working with those people.  Now be aware of your physical response, particularly your solar plexus. [Your solar plexus is located below your rib cage at the top of your stomach] This is the area you are referring to when you talk about a gut feeling. Is this area tight? Does it feel like it is being pulled towards your back? This type of reaction indicates a big NO. It may even signify danger. On the other hand, if this area is relaxed and feels warm, you have a positive response. It may even feel pulled outward, towards the object/situation in question. This is a very positive response.

For more detailed answers you may need to develop your intuitive skills. For that, you may need a bit more instruction. Maybe a class? Contact me for more information... or 808 261-7866 call or text

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