Monday, August 04, 2014

Currently traveling across the US. I would love to help you and/or your community!

Currently [August 2014] traveling across the US. I would love to help you and/or your community! 

 Intuitive Readings, Coaching, Energy Healing. Learn to Clear Ghosts, etc & Energy Healing

Gallery Style Psychic Readings – individuals ask questions
Signature Analysis – 5-7 minutes per person [can do a longer reading this way also] Can be done with a general lesson – what to look for in handwriting when hiring, what you can change in your own handwriting for personal growth
Paranormal Activity Q & A – open Q&A session on all things metaphysical from Angels to Quantum Physics
Paranormal Activity True Ghost Stories – True stories of ghosts & their nature. Information on other types of entities & ‘disturbances’
Mini-Readings – 7 min or less psychic readings for individuals – Can be done using signatures, cards, gemstones, palms, pendulum

Let me know of any requests and I will let you know if I can accommodate.

Contact Geralyn at or call/text 808 261-7866

Indianola, WA                         Aug. 08
Brainerd, MN                          Aug. 18
Clinton, IA                               Aug. 22

Looking for some help with lodging/clients between Colorado and Washington/ Washington and Minnesota in Utah, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota or thereabouts.

Let me know if you have any suggestions, can help us out or would like to schedule something.